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Jorkyball is played by four players.
2 vs 2


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The Rules of the Game
Each match is played between two teams of two players with one player in reserve. The reserve player can only come on at the end of each set or if their is an injury to one of the players.

Each team comprises of one forward and one back, who are pointed before the match starts. At the end of each set these roles have to be reversed and the roles can not be changed during a set.

The forward is allowed to move on the whole field except for the opposite red throw-in area and the defender is not allowed to cross the halfway line unless he sees the ball in his own contact area. In this situation he may move inside the opposite contact area the the end of the central red area.

A toss will decide who starts the match. When a goal is scored, the team who scored the goal has a throw-in. The ball must be put in the white line of the proper throw-in area. At the moment of the throw-in all players have to be in their throw-in area, hence the kick is valid only if it crosses the halfway line.

Each match consists of the best of three sets, with each set being the first to seven goals.
When a player makes one of the following fouls:

- touches the ball before reaching his contact area;
- crosses the half-way line, if defender;
- raises a leg over the waist;
- stops the ball for more than 1 second;
- enters the opposite throw-in area;
- goes in from the back or glides, even on the ball, or puts a knee on the ground;

it is a foul from the halfway line and the opposite Team is granted a free-throw, always kicked by the forward. The opposite defender may defend his goal staying in front if the throw-in line with their heels on the white line itself. The other players have to stay behind the person who kicks the ball.

Instead, when:
- a player touches the ball with his hand;
- a player does a volunteer or dangerous foul;

it is a penalty from the white line that ends the central red area, with the same rules followed for the free-throw above. If a player touches the ball, their are three shots awarded or until a goal is scored.


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