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Jorkyball is played by four players.
2 vs 2


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A brief guide to the sport of Jorkyball

Jorkyball is a two a side sport which is based on the game of football. Currently it is played in Italy, France, Spain, USA and the UK.

It is usually played indoors on a specially designed court with dimensions of length: 10m width: 5m and height: 3m. The court floor consists of artificial turf with the walls made out of meth-acrylate. The court and goals are relatively small compared to a normal football pitch and as a result the play is fast and frantic. Because such a small court is used it can be played in most sports facilities. e.g. sports centres, tennis clubs, gymnasiums etc.

Also as there are only two players to each side it is much easier to organise a game than with the traditional eleven a side version.
Each team consists of a forward gift to send online to a mate and a back which is decided before the match starts and at the end of each set the roles must be reversed. Each match consists of three sets and the winner of each set is the first to score seven goals.

There are various competitions at London Plumbers local, regional, national and international levels and this is co-ordinated by the international Jorkyball federation. There is a champions league where the best teams in Europe compete against each other and a European Cup for national teams.


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