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Jorkyball is played by four players.
2 vs 2


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There are at least nine good reasons to open a Jorkyball Club

1. Innovation: to invest in a Jorkyball court means investing in innovation; it means anticipating the needs of your own customers and having an immediate gain in terms of image.

2. Tradition: tradition is not always contradictory to innovation, because Jorkyball has taken the best part of soccer: speed, ball touch, team sport and individualism. To invest in a Jorkyball court also mean to satisfy a passion well-rooted all over the World.

3. Self-paying: resorting to Leasing or to Franchising, half an hour of rent per day will be enough to pay the monthly instalment. All the rest is gain.

4. Profitability: with four players playing in a Jorkyball court, it's possible to earn the double the amount earned with a squash court.

5. Merchandising: a complete line of accessories with the JB trade-mark, sold only by the clubs owning the installation, ensures greater prestige and profitability.

6. Demountable installation: the installation can be completely and easily dismantled, so that it can be carried outdoors during the summer.

7. Dimension: its small size (maximum 4.80 x 9.80 x 3m) allows the owner to exploit even unusued spaces making them profitable.

8. Physical skills: speed, sprint, reflex, aerobic activity, breath and resistance are some of the skills developed by this sport. Within a gymnasium, the sport could be a very good warming-up activity before body-building. Furthermore, it can also be very useful to improve individual techniques of soccer.

9. Fun: the basic thing is that everybody can play in a Jorkyball court. In order to have fun, it's not necessary to have an appropriate skill and technique such as for squash. It's even amusing for viewers.

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