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Jorkyball is played by four players.
2 vs 2


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The History of the Game
Jorkyball is based on the game of football and was invented by Gilles Paniez in 1987 in a garage in Lyon, France. During the first three years the game was played on a single pitch in France and then it was exported to Italy in 1990. By the year 2000 the Italians had set up more than 100 pitches.

At the moment there are 25 pitches in France, 8 in Spain and 4 in the UK, giving a total number of more than 150 pitches in the whole of Europe (60% are indoor and 40% are outdoor).

Jorkyball is now played in Italy, France, Great Britain and Spain by more than 15,000 people, most of whom are associated with the various clubs across Europe.

The game has only recently been exported to the USA. The sport of Jorkyball is now governed by the Federation of the International Jorkyball Associations, which overseas the sport throughout the world. Each nation has there own federation to oversee their respective countries.

There are now annual national leagues, a champions league for the clubs of Europe and a European Cup for national teams to compete in. The game is played by both sexes and all ages.

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